Objective proof

I got into a debate with someone the other day over whether science can ever be objectively proven, and by extension, nothing can be proven. While things can be proven to beyond reasonable doubt, they can never be proven entirely, because of the way science works. while the fact that the universe is billions of years old is the scientific consensus and there is massive amounts of evidence supporting it, it is not proven, because we cannot rule out ideas like last Thursdayism, the belief that the universe and all of its components were created last Thursday afternoon, but given the appearance of being much older. I am personally a believer on  Next Tuesdayism, the day that i will pay you for my hamburger. Anyhow, there are always alternate possibilities, and because there is no evidence for or against, they cannot be ruled out. the only exception to this rule could possibly be mathematical logic, as it is the closest to “pure” reason as we have gotten. This is just another reason creationists are wrong when they say that evolution is just a theory- it hasn’t been proven. It can’t, not really.


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6 Responses to “Objective proof”

  1. Darmok Says:

    I agree. Nothing can really be absolutely proven.

  2. lichanos Says:

    Science can’t be proven, it proves things.

    If nothing can be absolutely proven, we must draw a few conclusions:

    – the proposition that nothing can be proven cannot be proven

    – the impossibility of proving anything is not very important since we somehow continue to gain knowledge, or something like it.

    – our notion of proof seems seriously out of whack

  3. music Says:

    What do you mean ?

  4. lichanos Says:

    Science is a method, best we have, to gain knowledge. It has rules for proving things, the best ones we have.

    Thursdayism…yes, it’s LOGICALLY possible, but try living your life on that basis. Might as well believe in little green men running everything.

  5. pwnagepanda Says:


  6. White Rabbits Says:

    100% I agree.

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